4-H Yates County Fair
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4-H Exhibit Hall Judging Day

  • Sunday, July 10, 2022, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

A project is a planned series of learning activities/experiences that engage youth in the use of their heads and hands in ways that result in enhanced competencies, open hearts, and better health. 4-H projects give youth opportunities to: 

  • Gain new knowledge and develop the critical thinking skills that lead to the independence of thought and action
  • Experience a sense of belonging through cooperative learning activities
  • Develop a spirit of generosity by sharing knowledge and using skills to help others
  • Achieve a feeling of mastery as the cumulative result of project work. 4-H projects always teach the “why’s” as well as the “how’s.”  

For example: a member enrolled in a woodworking project might learn the safe and most effective way to use basic hand tools and gain experience in the selection of hardware and finishing materials while making a birdhouse (tangible product). The knowledge and skills learned (intangible product) can be applied when making other wooden items in the future. It is this transferable knowledge and skill that is the essence of the project—not just the finished product.

Contact Jen Clancey at jja26@cornell.edu or call us at 315-536-5123 for more information!



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