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Recursos e información de Cornell

Below, please find a list of Cornell (CALS, CCE, Horticulture, IPM, etc.) resources currently available in Spanish:

Cornell Ag. Workforce Development

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Farm Workers [Spanish]

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Farm Workers- case study [Spanish]

Injury Prevention/Tractor Safety

A Guide for Tractor Maintenance and Safety/ Una guía para el mantenimiento y la seguridad del tracto

Yoga for Farmers: Farm Worker Repetitive Motion Injury Workshop/ Yoga para granjeros: taller sobre lesiones por movimientos repetitivos en trabajadores agrícolas

Tractor Safety/Seguridad tractores

Pest Management (Eastern Horticulture Team)

Reducing Pesticide Risks for Vegetable Producers [Spanish]

Tips to Preserve Beneficial Insects [Spanish]

Brevis [Metramitron], a new chemical thinning tool on apples

Spray Safe, Spray Well: Applying Pesticides Safely and Legally [Spanish]

Food & Nutrition (Alimentación y Nutrición)

Food and Nutrition Education in Communities. Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University

Winter Squash Recipes (Spanish)

Mindfulness Comer Atentamente (Spanish)

Farmers Market Recipes (CCE NYC)

Public Health

COVID-19 Guidelines Video (Spanish)

Monkeypox Factsheet Download a Spanish version of the Monkeypox Factsheet.

Zoonatic Diseases/Enfermedades Zoonáticas

How to Protect your Flock from Avian Bird Flu [Spanish]

Last updated February 28, 2023